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Real Estate Property Strategist Michael Kelly has been successfully investing in property for more than two decades now. The former fireman, HVAC electrician & outside broadcast electrician for Network Ten, is on a quest to share his wide real estate investment knowledge with others.

Following the release of his book, "How to Safely Own 5 Properties in 10 Years and Retire" in 2009 and 10 years of proven strategy, he is launching a series of seminars on the subject around Australia. Michael said the seminars, will teach people how to create "real financial freedom". At the seminars, guests will learn the truth about real estate, what investment strategy really works and much more.

In his role as a Real Estate Property Strategist, no transaction is too big or too small, having negotiated deals ranging from $350,000 to $48 million. Michael began investing in property in 1997 and over the past 20 years has purchased real estate using many types of property contracts ranging from Standard Sales Contracts, Option to Purchase Contracts, Lease Options, Assumptive Options, Instalment (terms) Sales Contracts, Back to Back Lease Options, Joint Venture Contracts, Second Mortgage Carry Back Contracts.

He is noted for creating individual strategies that build positive cash flow property portfolios, in capital cities for his clients. Passionate about property and recognised throughout the industry for his honesty and integrity, Michael is a highly sort after property professional and applauded by clients for regularly out performing their expectations.

The Strategy


Michael wrote the book "How to Safely Own 5 Properties in 10 Years and Retire" in 2009 after many years of doing his own property transactions. Although the transactions completed certainly made a profit they didn't allow him to retire with positive cash flow. In the process Michael worked out a fail-safe strategy that his clients have successfully used over the past 10 years to build large property portfolios that also give them positive cash flow.

Michael started building property portfolios back in 2009 in the eastern suburbs of Sydney where the properties bought, as part of the strategy were approximately $350,000 to $400,000, and now in 2018 those properties are now worth between $800,000 and $900,000 and his clients now have positive cash flow from their property portfolio's whilst achieving capital growth.

The strategy definitely works in any market, it is fail-safe and works every time. However, most people cannot buy $850,000 investment properties anymore so Michael had to find another city in Australia in which he can repeat this strategy over the next 10 years and has found that city for his clients to replicate this proven strategy and benefit from his many years of experience in real estate.

The Seminars

At the Seminar you will learn:

  • Is your home an asset or a liability? If you have a mortgage it is on the banks balance sheets but not on yours - Michael will show you why and how to make money like the banks do with a proven property strategy.
  • Is renting dead money? Or is it a path to real financial freedom?
  • Michael will show you how to own a property for Free. That's right for FREE, every 4 to 5 years without investing ANY of your own money.
  • What is Capital Growth and what can I do with it? What makes a property grow in value and how do I maximise my capital growth potential? Michael will show you the truth about capital growth and how you can achieve it even when there is no "capital growth".
  • Negative Gearing is it really a strategy to create real financial freedom? The majority of real estate investors are using a strategy designed to lose money from day one, forcing them to work harder and longer just to make ends meet. Michael will show you how you can use other people's money (OPM) to pay for the negative gearing.
  • Diversification is NOT the best investment strategy! Why take uneducated risks when you can create a sausage machine that puts money into your pocket weekly and gives you more time and real security. Michael will show you what strategy works when investing in property.
  • Michael will show you how to create positive cash flow properties like when you played monopoly as a kid, and strived to buy 4 green houses and a red hotel. When you achieved passive income and financial freedom and ultimately you won the game.

Join Michael at these boutique seminars in which he will teach you the strategy to real financial freedom, you will receive a free copy of the book which has the strategy in it and more. Also for attending the seminar, we offer you a one-on-one strategy session with Michael. 

Michael will work through your personal situation and give you a strategy that we can work on together over the next 10 years to build you a positive cash flow property portfolio in capital cities. Click here to register for our next Seminar


"When we sat down with Michael and did a strategy session with him we owned 9 apartments and 1 house with a positive cash flow of $145,000 per year with a combined mortgage of $1,400,000. After working with Michael for 4 years we now own 22 apartments and 1 house with a positive cash flow of $420,000 per year and our portfolio is now worth over $10 million dollars. You MUST do a strategy session with Michael and he will change your financial life. Best thing we ever did as the results speak for themselves. Thank God for Michael."

Robert Martin, Business Owner

"I was negatively geared by $10,000 dollars a month and I felt like I was drowning financially. I had a strategy session with Michael and within 11 months of working with Michael I know have a positive cash flow property portfolio earning me approximately $4,000 a month. That is a whopping $168,000 dollar turn around in just under a year. I highly recommend you read Michael's book " How to safely own 5 properties in 10 years and retire." and then have a strategy session and Michael will change your life just like he did for me."

Natalie Cook, Olympic Gold Medalist, Brisbane QLD

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